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    Essence | Energy | Spirit

Cultivating and nourishing Essence, Energy, and Spirit is the aim of every practice.

I believe the combination of precise alignment, the flow of rhythmic movement, breath cultivation, and refined awareness is the practice. Essence comes from strengthening our bodies. Energy comes from nourishing our Prana/Oi.  Spirit comes out of the experience of being fulfilled.

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Qi is the Chinese word for “life energy”–equivalent to Prana in Sanskrit. Qi is the substance underlying manifestation.



Erika Trice is a yoga and qigong teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Private Sessions

For more information about private or small group sessions, email erika@erikatrice.com. In addition to my group classes, I love to teach students one on one. Different than group classes, individual sessions are structured to meet the specific needs of the student. Whether you are new to yoga and need some introductory lessons before you sign up for your first class (which can be intimidating) . . . or you have been practicing for years and want to take a closer look […]